Vision, Mission and Objectives


“Learning for Creation”

Transforming the higher education by stimulating a global atmosphere of learning that passionately nurtures young minds for creation of well-skilled, dynamic, innovative and socially credible citizens serving humanity.


Creating a community of lifelong learners and reformers via  enrichment of  human potential to the fullest extent with our visionary aim of holistic development instigating academic, professional as well as social skills of leadership, integrity and social justice.

Our Objectives

To Impart

value-based quality education, accessible by all societal sections.

To Create Careers 

with skill-based academia to broaden the spectrum of employability and entrepreneurship.

To Empower the Teachers

to perform as world class educators, researchers and community servers by clinical, theoretical, empirical and experimental endeavor.

To undertake Collaborative Associations

with industry, academia, professionals and research institutions to withhold updated industrial trends and intakes among our learners.

To strengthen institutional learning culture of free thinking

with independent as well as participatory interventions aimed at enriching mutually positive learning culture.

To promote

academic freedom, diversity, equality, harmony and justice in the teachers and the students.

To enrich

the students in comprehension and expression, interaction and analysis, collaboration and extension, research and innovations.