Teaching and Learning Process (Pedagogy)

Our pedagogy is one of the distinctive initiatives that make Parishkar unique and of higher quality. The way we teach and enable learning has five major focuses:

Fundamental Knowledge and skills

We start with reinforcing and relearning:

• Written and spoken English

• Fundamental reasoning

• Basic concepts and knowledge about the subject

• Essential skills to enhance self-learning

Student Centric

  • Personalized learning for individual growth.
  • Nurturing strengths, addressing weaknesses.
  • Empowering students through customized education.

Hybrid Learning

The most effective method isn’t attending in-person classes OR relying solely on readily accessible online resources. It’s BOTH.

Parishkar offers regular offline lectures, group discussions, quizzes, puzzles, PPT presentations, and a variety of exams. Additionally, online resources such as lecture recordings, the Learning Management System (LMS), tests, and livestreams are all integral parts of education at Parishkar.

Critical & Creative Thinking

Our formula is simple

Innovation and Research

We are committed to educating students about contemporary advancements and the most recent research pertinent to their subjects, enabling them to delve into alternative approaches and possibilities.