Student Centric Teaching

    Student-Centric Approach in Indian Education:              Parishkar College’s Initiatives

    1. Rarity of student-centric approach: A real student-centric approach is still rare in the Indian education scenario, particularly in Rajasthan.
    2. Parishkar College’s Recognition: Parishkar College acknowledges the importance of a student-centric approach and actively embraces it.
    3. Importance of student-centric education: A student-centric educational approach is not only desirable but also indispensable for developing the analytical mind of the student.
    4. Critique of teacher-centric teaching: The outdated and one-sided method of teacher-centric teaching, such as lecturing, creates an atmosphere of boredom in the classroom.
    5. Transformation efforts by Parishkar College: Parishkar College has taken on the challenge of transforming the teacher-centric approach to a student-centric one by adopting a student-centric teaching method.
    6. Academic success and personal development: The college believes that the student-centric teaching-learning process is essential for students to develop excellent academic records in university examinations, potential for good jobs, and brilliant personalities.
    7. Encouraging student participation: A student-centric approach provides an environment that encourages students to personally participate in the learning task and commits them to it.
    8. Development of self-confidence and success-oriented abilities: The student-centric approach at Parishkar College aims to develop students’ self-confidence and enhance their abilities for success.
    9. Fostering a positive attitude towards learning: The student-centric approach also focuses on developing an attitude towards learning, promoting a genuine interest in acquiring knowledge.
    10. Online learning opportunities: Parishkar College offers online classes to ensure that students can continue their studies even if they are unable to attend college due to COVID-19, other illnesses, or personal reasons. Students can access quality lectures prepared by the college’s teachers on their Android mobile devices from the comfort of their homes.