सप्तांगी शिक्षा


Parishkar College of Global Excellence (Autonomous) (PCGEA) aims to empower society by transforming young minds into holistically developed personalities. To endeavour such empowerment, PCGEA has evolved Seven dimensional educational doctrine that focuses on seven key constituents persistent to the vision of comprehensive education and hence named Saptangi Shiksha.

  1. Values & Emotions are the most overlooked aspect of a learner, today. Since its inception, PCGEA has recognised this constituent as its thrust developmental element determining one’s aim in life. Education aims to human accomplishments, enriching individual and social life by broad based value system and emotions. Our practices strive to transform this money-centred world into a value and emotion-centred cultured society, so that prosperous life of all humans can co-exist with its fellow co-existers—animals, birds, plants, water, air etc (Vasudha-वसुधा)
  1. Excellence in quality of life is leading the brightening path of humanity. Education itself is routed to improve the a quality of human thought and action envisaging education to be quality oriented process. The focus on money, and not on quality of education, is all against human development which is prevailing throughout the world generally. PCGEA focuses on the quality of thinking, human behaviour, developmental skills and research etc. Quality is in itself an human inclination, an internal aim of human thought and practice. We have been edging this continuously by our education for regular upliftment of every life on the Earth.

3. Innovation is the main source of regular development and exclusive source of experiencing accomplishment. Educational institutions should excavate various forms of creativity of every teacher and learner to mould the creative personality of each one. PCGEA functions to prune innovative aspect of our each human making, us an institution striving for continuous evolutions by virtue of Innovations and Dynamism.

4. Inclusiveness  is fundamental attribute of Nature, but it is  humans’ basic cultural effort also, as it includes forming a society, framing an economic-social-political system for comprehensive development of mankind in a democratic, socialistic and fraternative way. Our education is responsible for developing a strong mind set of our all learners to think of global magnification, in addition to their individual ‘Growth’. Indian ethos have already given us a brightening thought of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam’ (वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्‌) (World is the only family-none else), a profound sublime thesis of inclusiveness.

5. Social Service is the ultimate aim of life, the core aim of education, root source of real learning and pragmatic pedagogy of education. In this Money-centred, corporate minded and Individualistic world, social service is either totally neglected or considered as a formality of educational activity through out the world. PCGEA aims to change this long tragic history of education via inclusion of  social service as an integral part of content and process both. We believe social service is the basic Guru and Soul of learning.

6. Pedagogy is not merely a medium for educational targets but it is itself an aim and content of education also. If we develop knowledge, understanding, analysis and creative skills sincerely, via educational process in learners, they will become champions of their lives also. Pedagogy in educational institutions has been  a subject matter of extreme ignorance, causing underdevelopment of teachers and learners and consequently the society also. Parishkar College is religiously serious and innovative in pedagogical practices and making education effective in most of the senses. Parishkar College has been transforming the students through its learner-teacher-friendly, open and creative teaching-learning process.

  1. Movement is law of nature. Nothing is static in the universe, as such every profession, project, action is a movement. But in a social transformative program, like education, a more dynamic, speedy motion is essential because education regenerates everything— the thought, the process and even the masses behaviour,the whole politics, economy, culture. PCGEA’s educational methodology functions to transform the society in a positive direction, rapidly to serve specifically the deprived classes of the society, who are doomed to be vanished, if we more slow.