Culture of Participative Management

For promoting the culture of participative management there is regular orientation of the faculties and students regarding the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the college which should be coherent also with the objectives of their lives.

This is done directly or indirectly by following methods:


  • Regular evaluation system, our regular feedback-cum-planning-cum-training-cum-executing meetings/ workshops of the faculty.
  • The management promotes a culture of participatory working, based on facts, and not on orthodox beliefs. It promotes unbiased analysis, seriousness, commitment and zeal to execute. Need not to be defensive but be pro-active.
  • By analyzing the affairs of the college with contemporary events in the world, nation and state.
  • Aiming at creating a scientific environment.
  • An atmosphere of creativity and innovations is created, freedom of thought and expression is given, thinking out of box is appreciated.


Reinforcing the culture of excellence


  • The management takes its responsibility that each member of the faculty and each student is exposed to higher targets.
  • In the whole process leadership is decentralized widely and cemented thickly by maximum positive participation.
  • PCGE’s strategy is to set small targets and achieve them, and so on, thus creating a culture of excellence regularly.
  • Organizational process of PCGE has generated an atmosphere of self-planning, executing and evaluating process with honesty, transparency, creativity and enthusiasm.