Problem Solving Methods

Parishkar College was conceptualized to focus on overall development of students of English medium through innovations in education. The College is dedicated to construct an excellent model of higher education, based on most creative teaching-learning processes prevailing in the world and enhancing it further to transform our students to become creative thinkers, analytical researches and individuals committed to solve problems of present times. Students ofParishkar College are provided with an environment where they become learner who extract highest values from their own experiences and are honest practitioner of prevailing knowledge and are filled with a constant zeal for taking up new initiatives. We transform our students to become accomplished persons in their field of study. We are also committed to develop research aptitude in the students by engaging them in the task of learning, through enhancing their analytical ability and by igniting their creativity.

Igniting thinking and creativity through problem solving approach

  • Searching keywords in a sentence.
  • Key concept in a paragraph.
  • Asking the students to solve the objective type questions themselves from a chapter.
  • Analyzing the concepts of the chapter.
  • Inspiring the students to give presentations.
  • Assessing daily in an informal way and fortnightly in a form of online test.
  • In addition to this, we also work to develop analytical thinking among students for the competitions like IAS & RAS. We groom our students through quizzes, puzzels, interactive classes, group discussions, open house discussions, debates, and creative answer writing practices. This practice creates a special bonding between the teacher and students, removing their hesitation. Discussions in a smaller group also boost their learning & research attitude.