Principal’s Message

My Dear Flower Buds,

I am pleased to welcome you in this botanical garden called Parishkar. I will be acting as your guide whose focus isn’t just to aid you in developing strong roots to the soil of your morals, culture and values but to also provide you with nutritious education so that you may soar into the limitless sky.

You would be pleased to find that at Parishkar, there are guides just like me from all different backgrounds and fields of research that are excited to work with you. To us, the most important resource is You; after which comes you education which we created to not just allow you to develop your professional careers into a direction of your choosing but also to support you in your personal lives.

We are very much sensitive to the dreams, desires, impulses, craves of the students as all these lead to creativity of the students, which is the core process for accomplishment of every student.

The first thing a student experiences at Parishkar (even before their admission) is academic counselling. We strongly believe that life, and learning also, should be enjoyable and filled with a feeling of pride for everyone. Therefore our students should feel free, to innovate and create. For all this natural learning environment, we arrange Personality Development Camps, dance, drama, academic tours, debates, open house discussions and hobby based activities. Parishkar College is known for its enjoyable learning environment.

We are closely aimed to prepare each and every student as a strong player of his/her life and career. We know that after 10+2 schooling, most of the students depart from their parents, so they need security, care and affection. The teachers and management of the college assure to supplement this by loving their student in classes, galleries and playgrounds.

Welcome to the Parishkar family.

Prof. Savita Paiwal