Parishkar Teachers


Teachers of Parishkar serve as backbone of College who transforms the students into pro-active, thinker, compassionate and capable of competing into competitive exams.


  • Teachers of Prishskar are not only proficient in their subjects but also are very humble and cooperative.
  • Teachers of Parishkar teach according to the Methodology of International level and adopt student centered teaching Methods.
  • Instead of providing lectures in classes they work as facilitator who in making students toil and effort for learning.
  • Parishkar Teachers welcome student’s questions and motivates them to remove their hesitation and fear and develop self-image.
  • Parishkar teachers have special bond with their students and love to hear their problems and provide proper solutions. Parishkar teachers are well qualified and are constantly involved in research activities and seminars.
  • Parishkar teachers discuss study sheets, organizes quizzes, open discussions, debates, role play, drama, PPT presentations, dance, music, clubs, visits etc. to encourage the thinking process and communication skills of students.
  • Parishkar teachers are hard-working, creative and value oriented who presents himself as an example for the students.
  • All teachers of Parishkar plans his class well, execute it and analysis it with improvements.
  • Teachers here also observe other faculty classes and provides valuable feedback to them.
  • Each teacher of Parishkar is provided with 40 students as parent-teacher. He becomes familiar with them, listens to his problems, and helps him to focus on his studies.
  • Parishkar teacher act as a guardian, brother/sister, torch bearer and a teacher in true sense.