Parishkar Fellowship

Fellowships are meant to encourage students towards the field of research. Unlike scholarships, which offer financial assistance for school and college level of education, fellowships offer financial aid to students to get ahead in their career after completing their graduation or post-graduation. These can be short-term or long-term depending on the requirement of the programme applied for. Both government and private organisations offer fellowships to allow students to get deeper insights in their respective fields of interests.

    Parishkar College of Global Excellence (Autonomous) is launching various fellowships in the following categories–
    The Parishkar Doctoral Fellowship Scheme is formulated and funded by the Parishkar college. The scheme is open to candidates who wish to pursue higher studies such as Ph.D degree.
  • 1.1 Target group                                                                                                                                                Candidates who have passed the Post Graduate examination in the concerned subject and who desire to pursue full-time Ph.D. research without any other fellowship.


  • 1.2. Eligibility Criteria
    a) Only the full time Ph.D students/Scholars registered in Parishkar College of Global Excellence (Autonomous), Jaipur are eligible for the fellowship.
    b) The criteria for grant of fellowship will be based on need cum merit.


  • 1.3. Selection Procedure
    a) Applications received from the candidates will be screened and the cases of eligible candidates will be placed before selection committee.
    b) Selection will be made through interview, wherein due weightage will be given to the academic index of the candidate.
    c) For merit considerations, the ‘academic index’ of the candidates will be calculated giving weightage to the marks obtained in the Masters’ degree examination in the subject and performance in the pre Ph.D. course work in the following Proportion:
  1. Master’s degree Exam : 40%
  2. Pre Ph.D. course work : 60% M.Phil Examination
    d) Merely fulfilling the eligibility criteria may not entitle a candidate for being called for interview.
    e) The formal letter will be issued only after submission of essential documents.
    f) The research scholars getting JRF/SRF or any other fellowship from any funding agency and those having other source of Income are not eligible for the fellowship.
    g) An under taking will also be taken form each research scholar to the effect that they are not drawing JRF/SRF or any other fellowship and do not have any other source of Income.
    h) The students awarded fellowship by the college will be required to take at least 12 classes per week and would be required to stay full time in the college for other Academic Work. For this purpose their attendance will be maintained in the respective departments.


1.1.4 Procedure for applying the fellowship

Only the full time Ph.D students/Scholars registered in Parishkar College of Global Excellence (Autonomous), are eligible to apply for fellowship under the scheme on the format prescribed by the college, which is available on the website of Parishkar (Autonomous). The Application should be duly forwarded by the Supervisor and the Head of the Department. The candidate will be required to appear for an interface before the Selection Committee constituted for the award of fellowships.