PCGE has a regular, fair and strong feedback mechanism.


  • A periodic feedback in the month of August, October and December is taken from all the students of the college, every year.
  • The feedback is taken from the students about their overall performance (Teaching-learning in degree subjects, competition subjects and other facilities like: library, drinking water, teachers’ behaviour etc.) in the college which is indicative to the students satisfaction also.
  • The students are asked not to write their names on the feedback performa so that they can write their observations fearlessly and freely.
  • The feedback is analyzed by the feedback committee and appropriate actions are taken by both the teachers and management in the interest of the students, teachers and the institution as a whole
  • The feedback process has been proved positive and beneficial for the institute as a whole in improving teaching-learning process, making students positive towards learning, imparting quality education and improving the physical facilities.


Grievance Redressal System

The Institution has established the Grievance Redressal Cell-Samadhan, Anti-ragging Cell-Souhard, Unfair Means Cell, which deals with the issues that fall within their cognizance. There has not been a single case of ragging in the college, in its thirteen years of tenure.