MA -Master of Arts


There is practical work in all the subjects of MA, so in Parishkar College, the practical work is done seriously, methodically, so that the practical understanding of the subject of each student can be clear. 

Preparation is done for the first paper of NET/SET with the subject of MA by holding a separate class. Many college students have already become NET/JRF before doing MA.

Along with MA, free preparation is also done for competitive exams like IAS, RAS etc. The college runs additional free classes of Mathematics, Reasoning, English Grammar & Comprehension, General Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Political System and students take advantage of them.

Classes being interactive and GD, Debate, Quiz, Drama, Dance club activities, subject specific activities in Subject Council, special lectures, competitions etc. develop the all-round personality of the student and his fundamental expression-skills become very strong.

Which not only helps him in the interview of competitive exams, but its effect is visible in the success of every area of life.

MA students are involved in various types of research work so that their brain becomes problem-solver and after MA If he wants to do Phd., he can be ready for that too. In this way, the research capacity of the MA student is greatly developed in Parishkar College.

The following abilities develop in a student doing MA from Sophistication-

  • Analytical ability
  • Research ability
  • Manageability
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Writing ability in standard language
  • Interview ability

What will I Study

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Parishkar College of Global Excellence is now an autonomous college, therefore the college has its own Board of Studies as per the rules laid down by the UGC and recommended by the Academic Council, which is in accordance with the syllabus of NET and IAS Mains. Being an autonomous college, teaching and examinations are organized at the college level itself within a fixed time limit. 

Teaching Methods: (Pedagogy)

Parishkar College has devised a unique method of teaching-learning in the course of MA. Instead of making students passive listeners by merely giving lectures in the classroom, the teachers of sophistication try to make students continuously active by adopting student-centric teaching method. Different types of activities are conducted to keep the students active in many ways:

  • Finding key words in a sentence.
  • Finding the main idea in a paragraph.
  • Motivating the students to solve objective questions from the lesson by themselves through the study sheet.
  • Getting the concepts of the lesson evaluated.
  • Encourage students to give presentations in the class.
  • Special emphasis is laid on interactive classes, group discussions, open house discussions, debates and analytical and creative answer writing to develop analytical thinking in the students for Mains examinations and interviews for exams like IAS, RAS.
  • Online classes are additionally being made available to the students so that even if the student is not able to come to college due to corona, other illness or any other personal reason, he can watch the quality lectures prepared by the teachers of sophistication on his Android mobile sitting at home and continue his studies.
  • Checking with Study Sheets, Online Test, Mid-Term Test and Pre-University Examination, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the students, they are removed through the teaching process.
  • Thus we believe that education is effective, creative and fun filled when the processes of teaching, learning and assessment go hand in hand. Hence students are assessed informally every day and tested through OMR test every two weeks.

Where will M.A. Take Me

Career Job prospects after MA

Recently, MA students recruited by following Companies:

After doing MA, endless possibilities of Career are open in front of the student like:

  • IAS, RAS (Administrative Services)
  • College Lecturer (College Lecturer)
  • School Lecturer (School Lecturer)
  • Teacher Grade-II (Teacher Grade Second)
  • Teacher Grade-III (Teacher Grade Third)
  • Bank PO, Bank Clerk (Bank Services)
  • Indian Railway
  • SSC (Income Tax Inspector, Custom Officer, Revenue Officer, CBI etc.)
  • Food Corporation of India
  • LDC
  • Police Sub-Inspector
  • Army, BSF (Defence Services)

“Pursuing an MA degree from Parishkar College allows you to deepen your knowledge in a specific subject area. You will be exposed to new ideas, theories, and research in your field. MA course often requires students to conduct independent research, which can improve their research skills and provide opportunities to publish research papers. “

Bhanu - MA (Master Of Arts)

MA students have not only passed with excellent marks at the academic level but have also been successful in various Competitive Exams.

  • Parishkar College regularly organizes training and placement camps to help present and passed out students to find suitable jobs in private sector also.
  • Thousands of students of Parishkar College are working on the post of RAS, RPS, RCS Police Sub-Inspector, College Lecturer, School Lecturer, Teacher Second Grade, Teacher Third Grade, Junior Accountant, Patwari, Clerk.
  • Many students of Parishkar College are successfully working in the corporate sector as: Bank PO, Bank Clerk, Executive Officer, Manager in BPO sector etc.
  • Parishkar College students have a lot of potential and definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

The career prospects after completing an MA (Master of Arts) degree depend on various factors such as the field of study, industry, location, and individual skills and experience.

However, here are some potential career paths you could pursue after completing an MA:

Academic careers: Many post-graduates with an MA degree go on to pursue academic careers in research, teaching, and administration. You could become a lecturer, professor, or researcher in a university or college.

Creative careers: If your MA is in a creative field such as art, writing, or music, you could pursue a career as a professional artist, writer, musician, or other creative professional.

Business and management careers: An MA in business, management, or economics can lead to a variety of careers in the corporate world. You could become a manager, consultant, or analyst in a range of industries.

Public service careers: An MA in public policy, international relations, or social work can lead to careers in government, non-profit organizations, and NGOs.

Communication and media careers: An MA in communication or media can open doors to careers in journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing, or media production.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other career paths that you could pursue after completing an MA degree. It’s essential to research job opportunities in your field and network with professionals to find the right career path for you.

Most Recent Academic Results

Rank holders in University of Rajasthan Exams

M.A. (P) English 2021-22
S.No.IDStudent NameFather NamePer. %
111Tanishka GuptaSunil Gupta67.50
M.A. (P) Geography 2021-22
S.No.IDStudent NameFather NamePer. %
114Sandeep SharmaRamesh Kumar Sharma66.40
23Shahil GurjarAshok Kumar Gurjar64.60
319Ajay Kumar BairwaMohar Pal Bairwa60.60
M.A. (F) Geography -2021-22
S.No.IDStudent NameFather NamePer. %
19Khushiyan Singh ShekhawatBhanwar Singh Shekhawat74.40
23Deepak Kumar MeenaRamnath Meena72.80
316Aarju MahalaBajrang Lal67.30
M.A. (P) Hindi 2021-22
S.No.IDStudent NameFather NamePer. %
13Deeya ChauhanRakesh Kumar Chauhan68.50
22Shobhit JainSanker Lal Jain63.00
34Suresh MeghawalPreetam Das60.50
M.A. (F) Hindi -2021-22
S.No.IDStudent NameFather NamePer. %
25Sandeep Kumar GurjarDharmenda Kumar Gurjar63.11
M.A. (P) History 2021-22
S.No.IDStudent NameFather NamePer. %
11Abbo KumarArjun Singh60.50
M.A. (F) History -2021-22
S.No.IDStudent NameFather NamePer. %
12Pooja KumawatPanna Lal Kumawat66.67
21Divya BalchandaniRaja Ram Balchandani60.89
M.A. (P) Pol.Sci. 2021-22
S.No.IDStudent NameFather NamePer. %
11Lakshya MehtaRajesh Yadav69.00
25Rajveer Singh BugaliaNorang Lal Bugalia63.50
M.A. (F) Pol.Sci. -2021-22
S.No.IDStudent NameFather NamePer. %
16Ashutosh SharmaShyam Lal Sharma64.67
211Garima SinghMukesh Kumar64.00

Entry Requirement

Admission process 

A student securing minimum 48% marks in BA in concerned subject and failing that, minimum 55% marks in BCom and BSc (co-education) can take admission in any subject of MA. The number of seats in each course of MA is fixed by Parishkar College. Admission in the college is done on the basis of merit. To ensure admission in MA in Parishkar College, it is better to take the graduation degree result as soon as it is out.


Faculty Course Name Course Duration Yearly Tuition Fee Games & Sports Net Payment I Semester II Semester

M.A. Previous


2 Years 12,000 200 12,200 12,200

M.A. Previous

(Political Science, History, Hindi, English, Economics)

10,000 200 10,200 10,200
Skilled & Qualified