Botany Lab

  • Botany encompasses plant sciences and explores the practical applications of plants in relation to mankind, providing a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of science and the wide-ranging benefits of botanical knowledge.
  • Well-equipped botany labs feature essential instruments such as Dissecting Microscopes, Compound Microscopes, various Specimens, Permanent Slides for identification, and a range of Glassware including Beakers, Conical flasks, Petri dishes, Watch glasses, Slides, Cover slips, Glass rods, Staining bottles, Test Tubes, as well as Plasticware like Wash bottles and Droppers. These labs also provide staining reagents for dissecting materials.
  • The college has established botanical garden facilities to foster research on diverse plant species. The botanical garden is equipped with specialized tools like Gannon’s respirometer, Monometer, Arc Auxanometer, and Photometer, enhancing the learning and research experiences for botany students.

Chemistry Lab

  • Chemistry labs are equipped with essential equipment, apparatus, and facilities to create an optimal research environment in the college, promoting better scientific inquiry and experimentation.
  • These modern laboratories feature a comprehensive range of facilities, including normal and distilled water as primary solvents, Bunsen Burners powered by LPG Gas, a collection of 150 essential chemicals, and a variety of equipment made from aluminum, plastic, and glassware.
  • The labs provide various items such as test tubes, boiling tubes, funnels, test tube stands, Burettes, Burette stands, pipettes, reagent bottles, conical flasks, volumetric flasks, and more, all adhering to international standards for quality and precision.

Physics Lab

  • The college boasts well-equipped modern laboratories specifically designed for the Department of Physics, ensuring students have access to state-of-the-art facilities.
  • These labs are equipped with a comprehensive array of basic and advanced instruments that prove invaluable for students in their pursuit of physics education. Instruments such as ammeters, voltmeters, and wires are readily available, facilitating the understanding of fundamental concepts.
  • For researchers and advanced studies, the labs provide a wide range of essential instruments, including apparatus for Young’s Modulus of Elasticity. This apparatus comprises screw gauges, Leclanché cells, Carey Foster’s Bridges, polarimeters, and maximum power transfer devices, offering comprehensive resources for in-depth investigations.

Zoology Lab

  • Zoology laboratories are equipped with essential instruments such as Dissecting Microscopes, Compound Microscopes, and a variety of Specimens. They also provide Permanent identifying Slides, Wax trays, Enamel trays, Haemometers, Haemocytometers, forceps, and needles to facilitate practical experiments and studies.
  • The labs are well-stocked with a comprehensive selection of Glassware, including beakers, Conical flasks, Petri dishes, Watch glasses, Slides, Cover slips, Glass rods, Staining bottles, Test tubes, as well as Plasticware like Wash bottles and Droppers. These resources enable students to carry out a wide range of zoological experiments effectively.
  • To support the laboratory activities, the college provides a range of Chemicals, including Ethanol, Borax Carmine, Auto Carmine, Haemato Xylene, Eosin, DPX, Tollen Reagent, Gantian Reagent, Benedict Reagent, Gram’s Iodine, Ninhydrine, Scodan Dye, Fehling Solution, Millon’s Reagent, Mercuric Sulphate, Sodium Nitrate, among others. Additionally, the college supplies dissecting materials and permanent preparation materials to ensure students have all the necessary resources for practical learning in zoology.

Soil Analysis Laboratory

  • PCGE has established a dedicated soil analysis lab in collaboration with the government of Rajasthan since February 2017. This partnership enables the lab to conduct thorough analysis of field soil samples.
  • The soil analysis lab at PCGE possesses the capability to process and analyze a substantial volume of soil samples on a daily basis. With an approximate capacity of 100 soil samples per day, the lab ensures efficiency and promptness in delivering accurate results.
  • The lab is committed to maintaining high standards of accuracy and precision in soil analysis. Through advanced equipment and skilled personnel, PCGE’s soil analysis lab provides reliable data that aids in understanding soil composition and informing agricultural practices.

Geography Labs

  • The Department of Geography conducts extensive research across various topics, supported by a state-of-the-art laboratory for ambitious postgraduate students.
  • Geography explores the interplay between the environment, flora, fauna, and physical structures, illuminating the universe’s origin and significance.
  • Equipped with a wide array of instruments, including maps, charts, compasses, thermometers, and models, the department empowers students to conduct analytical research in geography.

Computer labs

  • The college features a cutting-edge computer lab with 70 computers, boasting the latest configurations and a centralized server for FTP and internet services. A total of 150 computers are available across labs, classrooms, and back-office support.
  • The computer laboratory offers a 10 Mbps fiber optic internet connection through the NMEICT initiative, along with a 2 Mbps leased line connection from Tata Teleservices Limited. This secured network, supported by UTM (Cyberoam), ensures internet access for both faculty and students. Wi-Fi coverage extends across most areas of the campus.
  • Computers hold significant importance as both a subject of study and a utility in various aspects of life. Each lecture room is equipped with a personal computer connected to an overhead LCD projector, facilitating internet access through the centralized FTP server. Additionally, free Wi-Fi is available campus-wide, with LAN connections available upon request.