Interactive Classes & Participatory Learning

  • Parishkar College has broken the myth of the age old traditional teacher-centred pedagogy as it creates a dull and boring atmosphere in the classroom which hinders the learning process of the student.
  • Parishkar College organizes a number of scholastic and co-scholastic activities for the students.
  • It creates an environment to encourage student’s personal involvement, intrinsic motivation, personal commitment, enhancing their abilities to succeed with confidence and to encourage learning.
  • Activism and social participation play an important role in the construction of a student’s knowledge.
  • The process of learning in a student’s classroom begins with the task of examining what he already knows. Teachers keep an eye on how he adjusts his previous knowledge with new knowledge and make students active participants in teaching work. In such an environment of the classroom, the student easily acquires new knowledge.
  • Parishkar College’s ability to reflect and regulate our student’s thoughts and behavior is an essential part of the learning process.
  • Complementary guidance is given to slow as well as fast learners – remedial teaching, ’round table stations’ for problem solving and classroom activities to develop their potential are organized in the college.