Grievance redressal Committee

Grievance Redressal Process in the College

Parishkar College of Global Excellence Autonomous has established the Grievance Redressal Committee “Samadhan”, which deals with the issues that fall within its purview.

The detailed process of Grievance Redressal is as given under-




At every floor of the College building there is a complaint box, which the student can use to lodge his/her complaint.

Along with the written complaint, Name of the student, Class, ID, Room No. and Mobile No is mandatory to achieve satisfactory solution. Name of the student will be kept confidential.


Everyday all complaint boxes are duly checked at 3 PM to collect all the written complaints lodged.


All the written complaints are bifurcated on basis of class.


All received complaints are sent to the concerned Incharge / Parent teacher / Department to achieve satisfactory solution.


Students are individually contacted by the concerned Incharge / Parent teacher / Department for elaborate details to reach immediate solution.


The complaint is forwarded to the Grievance Redressal Committee, if the complaint is not resolved at Parent teacher level and the complaint is resolved in minimum possible time.

Apart from the aforesaid process the claimant student may directly meet to the co-ordinator of the Committee in room no. 34.


Strict action will be taken in case of abusive words, inappropriate remarks & misconduct found in the complaint.