Details of Research Papers Per Teacher in Journals during the year 2022-23


Sr. NoName of the Author (s)Dept. of Author (s)Title of the paperName of the Journal Month and year of publicationISSNLink to the notification in UGC enlistment of the Journel

Poonam Sharma &

K. Agarwal

BotanyDrought Tolerant Nature of Grewia sps, and Acacia SpsJournal of Coastal Life MedicineMay 20232309-6152Web of Science

Preeti Sharma &

Shalini Jauhari


Botany/ZoologyAntimicrobial resistance (AMR) and potential Medicinal plants of Rajasthan as an Alternative Approach: A Brief ReviewJournal of plant Science & Research31/01/20232349-2805 

Sunil Kumar Choudhary,

Priya Gothwal, Nidhi Sogani, Ajay Saini & Sumen Swami

ChemistryRational Design synthesis characterization, and anti-bacterial activity of Urea Derivatives bearingOriental Journal of chemistryFebruary 040970-020 xwww.orpentjchem.org

Sunil Kumar Choudhary

Monika Trivedi &

Nidhi Sogani

ChemistryIndian Jouran of Chemistry 16 August 20220975-0975 
5.  A Review of history of traditional knowledge based medicineParimarsh2022  
6.Dr. Gayatri RathoreCommerceA study to measure the Relationship between customer satisfactioned customer loyalty in organized Retails storesProceedings/Book of IBS Jaipur.July – Aug 2023  

Number of books and chapters in edited volumes/books published -2021-22

Sl. No.Name of the teacherTitle of the book/chapters  publishedISBN/ISSN number of the proceedingAffiliating Institute at the time of publicationName of the publisher
1Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediइतिहास (सम्पूर्ण)978-93-83697-44-1Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications
2Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediइतिहास (सम्पूर्ण)9454Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications
3Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediइतिहास (सम्पूर्ण)5616-978-93-5167-034-6Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications
4Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediभारत का इतिहास (1761.1947 ई)5617-978-93-84223-24-3Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications
5Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediभारत के राष्ट्रीय आन्दोलन का इतिहास (1857.1947 ई. तक)5618-978-93-83697-35-9Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications
6Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediविश्व का इतिहास (1914-1945 ई.)4067-978-93-88724-98-2Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications
7Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediआधुनिक इंगलैण्ड (1885-1956) आधुनिक भारत (1858 ई से 1946 ई तक राजनीतिक, प्रशासनिक4061-Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications
8Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediआधुनिक यूरोप का इतिहास (1789-1945 ई)7309-978-93-5167-028-5Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications
9Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediयूरोपियन इतिहास के कुछ पहलू6747-978-93-86908-03-2Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications
10Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediमुगलकाल (1526-1707 ई तक)4066-978-93-88724-97-5Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications
11Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediइतिहास (सम्पूर्ण)7421-978-93-5167-190-9Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications
12Dr. Alok Kumar Chaturvediइतिहास (सम्पूर्ण)7422-978-93-5167-615-7Parishkar CollegeSBPD Publications

Number of research papers per teachers in the Journals during the year-2021-22

Title of paperName of the author/sDepartment of the teacherName of journalYear of publicationISSN numberLink to the recognition in UGC enlistment of the Journal
Review and Analysis of CNN Approach for Lung Cancer Detection and Classification Using Deep LearningDr. Sumit Kumar Gupta, Dr. Ajya saini, Pradeep Raika, Pankaj KalaDepartment of PhysicsTest Engineering & Management11-11-20200193-4120http://testmagzine.biz/index.php/testmagzine/article/view/14336
Study of Nanotechnology and its ApplicationDr. Sumit Kumar GuptaDepartment of PhysicsJournal of Physics & Optics ScienceSep-202754-4753https://www.onlinescientificresearch.com/articles/study-of-nanotechnology-and-its-application.pdf
Study of Mobile CommunicationDr. Sumit Kumar Gupta,Nitesh Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Pankaj KalaDepartment of PhysicsGIIRJ20222347-6915www.ugc.journal-list.website
Teacher as a Reflactive PractitionerDr. Sumit Kumar Gupta, Nitesh Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Rajesh KumarDepartment of PhysicsGIIRJ20222347-6915 
Adjustment Problems of working and Non working women in contrast of there husbandDr. Kiran Maheshwari, Mrs. Neetu SinghPsychologySambodhi UGC Care Journal20222249-6661 
The effect of stress is our life styleDr. Kiran Maheshwari, Mrs. Neetu SinghPsychologyJournal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai20220972, 0766 
Broken marriage leads to identity cricis in cry the peacockDr. PritiEnglishThe Literary20172454-3365 
Relevence of teaching government initial school levelDr. PritiEnglishThe Literary20172454-3365 
Relevence of Socialinguistics in ELTDr. PritiEnglishInnovation2020  
relationship   between service quality and customer loyalty in organized retail storesDr. Gayatri RathoreBus. Adm.Internation journal of Advanced Research in Commerce, Mangement & Social Science (IJARCMSS)20222481-7930Volume-05, no.02(1)
Accessibility of Rural Roads in Jaipur DistrictRich SinghGeogrphyAnnals. Nagi Volume 41(No..1)2021