Evaluation Pattern

Evaluation Pattern

    1. Importance of Continuous Assessment and Evaluation:

      • Continuous assessment and evaluation are crucial for designing and implementing curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities.
      • Academic achievements alone are not enough for student satisfaction.
      • Co-curricular activities like teaching math, reasoning, general knowledge, and developing soft skills provide pleasure to students and teachers.
    2. Benefits of Co-curricular Activities:

      • Co-curricular activities contribute to the overall learning process.
      • They help develop skills such as analytical thinking, creating new concepts, and expressing ideas explicitly.
      • Co-curricular activities enhance student engagement and enjoyment.
    3. Revolutionary Monitoring System at Parishkar College:

      • Parishkar College has implemented a continuous monitoring system.
      • The system integrates learning and evaluation processes.
      • This system has transformed the college education system.
    4. Methods of Program Execution and Evaluation:

      • Classroom observations are conducted to assess program execution.
      • Bi-weekly online tests, term tests, and pre-semester exams are conducted.
      • Students’ performances in practical exams are considered.
      • Fortnightly tests on OMR sheets follow the examination calendar.
    5. Timely Result Declaration and Analysis:

      • Results are declared on the same day or the next day.
      • Test papers are regularly analyzed in the classroom.