Cultural Activities

Chief Guest

CM Rajasthan
CM Shree Bhajan Lal Ji Sharma
CM Rajasthan
CM Shree Bhajan Lal Ji Sharma
CM Rajasthan
CM Shree Bhajan Lal Ji Sharma

Ninaad: Festival of Youth Creativity

Mukundotsav [Fresher's Party]

After your admission, this is your first opportunity to showcase your talent in singing, dancing, acting, poem recitation, etc., and prove yourself better than others. It means that whether it’s studying, sports, or cultural activities, we have to perform well.

Teachers’ day (Gurutsav)

The Gurutsav is celebrated by honoring all the teachers with the students, and teachers perform dances, dandiya, dramas, songs, and other activities in front of all the students of the college to motivate them, encourage expression, and demonstrate their own talents. A collective performance of nearly one hundred teachers in a group dance and a ramp show is held to showcase each teacher and student. The following day, teachers receive even more cheers, closeness, respect, and admiration, further deepening their bond. PCGEA has had a splendid experience that leaves a profound impact on everyone, including guests from the university and other colleges. They are overwhelmed by this activity and the underlying message conveyed through this presentation.

Rasrang: Annual Cultural Fest

This is the platform where students can showcase their artistic skills and sports prowess. In the Ras-Rang program, students have the opportunity to represent the college and themselves in singing, dancing, music, fun games, and sports activities on platforms such as inter-college or inter-university competitions.

It is an annual cultural festival encompassing various activities. PCGEA diligently strives to encourage maximum student participation in these activities. Furthermore, the students themselves manage the activities with guidance from the teachers.

A wide array of cultural activities including dance, drama, debate, elocution, fancy dress, ramp show, songs, instrumental music, poems, stories, essay writing, mehndi, rangoli, painting, and sports competitions are held every year. These days are filled not only with enthusiasm but also with a vibrant and fervent atmosphere.


Parishkar Colleges organizes a Drama Event every year for the participation of BA-II, III, and PG students, known as ‘Natyarang’. These plays are directed by expert drama directors from various parts of India.

Bulandiyan: Prize Awarding Function

What have you achieved throughout the entire year of college? Your accomplishments in sports, arts and cultural activities, as well as academics, should be recognized. This is where ‘Bulandiya’ comes in – a program designed to honor and celebrate your excellence in your respective domains, symbolizing reaching new heights.

Bulandiyan: Award Ceremony

While this is a common event in colleges, at PCGEA, it is a movement that reinforces the enthusiasm that permeates throughout the academic year. The magnitude of participation can be gauged by the fact that around 1200 certificates and approximately 1000 prizes are bestowed upon students annually. It is a significant student support initiative itself, engaging such a large number of students.