Course Work Ph.D

  1. The credit assigned to the Ph.D. coursework shall be a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 16 credits.
  2. The coursework shall be treated as a prerequisite for Ph.D. preparation and shall be for a minimum period of one semester. The distribution of credits in the coursework shall be as follows:
S.No.Name of the CourseNo. of CreditsPeriods per WeekNo. of Hours in one Semester
1Research Methodology3Lectures Tutorial Practical::3:0:045
2Quantitative Techniques2Lectures Tutorial Practical::2:0:030
 Quantitative Techniques Lab1Lectures Tutorial Practical::0:0:230
3Research and Publication Ethics2Lectures Tutorial Practical::2:0:030
4At least one specialized course relevant to the area of research, as decided by the DRC, should be completed by the research scholar through departmental classes/MOOCs/self-study under the guidance of the research supervisor.3/4Lectures Tutorial Practical::3/4:0:045/60