Comprehension Enhancement

  • The aim of the program is to improve the skills of reading, writing and speaking English to help the students to comprehend the text books properly, identifying the important strengths of a rich writing structures, keywords and writing with quality enabling students to write and speak with a fragrance of good language.
  • The crux of the analysis of the poor state of higher education at present is that it is not student-centric. Student-centric pedagogy can be rooted only when the student is capable of self study. On the contrary, reading habits and comprehension power of the students are very poor in Rajasthan. SoParishkar College arranges workshops for the teachers on comprehension every year to enable them in identifying the key and technical words in a sentence, to comprehend the meaning of a sentence, a paragraph and thus to analyze the whole topic.
  • This comprehension exercise generates deeper insights in the teachers, and then with the efforts of the teachers in the students as well. The 360 degree feedback from the students and the teachers about this activity is that it has changed the perception of the teachers and students deeply regarding language and the book itself. Now, almost all the students ofParishkar College purchase the standard books, read them regularly and enrich their comprehension competence. After all strong comprehension and communication power is must for any educational enhancement.