Best Practices-2021-22

The Jagriti : Students Awareness Programme

Parishkar College of Global Excellence (PCGE) has two programmes which are among its best practices. The first one is The Jagriti: Students Awareness Programme. Its aim is to make the students aware about his/her goals of life, to plan to maximize the strengths, to overcome the weaknesses, to harness the opportunities and to convert the challenges into achievements. Our emphasis is that each student should feel free to live and free to learn first and she/he should be taken to knowledge and skills later. First the student’s attitude must me transformed positive and then she/he should be taken to the contents of the degree syllabus. This wide spectrum programme is deep rooted in PCGE’s culture in such a way that it starts from the very first day of the session through three day Personality Development residential camps which is carried out further by our classroom innovative practices. To add further in this process, we started students-centric research drive that ignites the students’ creativity and accelerates their learning pace and awareness of social realities. As a result, the student completes his three years journey having self-discipline, positivity, and devotion, developing graduate attributes in a constant thread throughout the three years strategic plan. These practices not only include them but also help them to go beyond the disciplinary expertise or technical knowledge breaking the traditionally formed core of most courses, preparing the students an agent of social welfare in an unknown future. Thus, this practice in PCGE, is not episodic but ongoing for whole session.

The Competitior Programme

The College provides “The Competitor” – an additional programme for aptitude enrichment, including the studies of Mathematics, Reasoning, General knowledge, English and Communication Skills including Interview competence. PCGE has been pioneer in understanding the job challenges of the students much earlier, so the college itself introduced such additional study options, since the inception of the college itself. These extra classes are provided to the students according to their job interest fields.

These classes are facilitated by special lectures of experts, training camps, GD’s and mock interviews etc. This programme exposes the challenges of the competitive examinations to the students right from the beginning of the degree syllabus and sharpens them continuously for three academic years. As a result, the students become regular in studies, develop healthy competition, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, review the strategies and attempt further, and finally resulting in getting placements in good areas. In practicing this syllabus along with the university syllabus has been a challenging task. The search of effective and updated faculty has been another challenge. These challenges were overcome by evolving Self-directed Training Methods and by developing sense of co-operation among the faculty.