B.Sc. – Semiconductor

B.Sc. In Semiconductor

Till now, the maximum production of electronic devices and chips etc. in the world through semiconductor has been done in countries like Taiwan, China, South Korea, America, Japan etc. Now the Government of India has also allocated Rs 76,000 crore under the ‘Semiconductor Mission‘ for the production of electronic equipment, especially semiconductor chips in India, due to which factories for semiconductor chips and other equipment have started being built at many places. 6 lakh jobs are going to be available in this field in the near future. 

Students who complete BSc-Semiconductor course successfully will be able to get jobs with good packages even before getting the degree.This course of BSc-Semiconductor is available in some IIT’s but in Rajasthan it is available only in Parishkar College. There are limited seats, students who are aware of their bright future will definitely take it.

What are the key differences between a B.Sc. in Electronics and a B.Sc. in Semiconductor ?

B.Sc. in Electronics: This course focuses on the fundamental principles and applications of electronics, including digital and analogue electronics, communication systems, and electronic devices. It covers a broad range of topics, including circuit design, signal processing, and electronic systems.

B.Sc. in Semiconductor: This course specializes in the study of semiconductor devices and their applications. It delves deeper into the design, manufacturing, and usage of semiconductor components and integrated circuits, which are crucial for modern electronics

B.Sc. in Semiconductor: The scope of a B.Sc. in Semiconductor is more specific, focusing on the design, manufacturing, and usage of semiconductor components. This course prepares students for roles in the semiconductor industry, including design, testing, and manufacturing


Career Opportunities:

B.Sc. in Semiconductor: Graduates can pursue roles such as semiconductor design engineer, semiconductor manufacturing engineer, or semiconductor testing engineer, with average salaries ranging from INR 3-7 LPA