B.Sc. – Nanoscience & Technology

B.Sc. In Nanoscience & Technology

You can do specialization in Nanoscience & Technology in BSC degree course in Parishkar College. Nanoscience & Technology is expanding rapidly all over the world and it is a valuable technology of the future. We can make such valuable medicines and other electronic items from very small particles of some substances which can be very useful for humans, animals and plants at low cost. Since ancient times, we have been using nanotechnology to burn gold, silver and iron at very high temperatures and make high quality medicines called gold ash, silver ash and iron ash and treat serious diseases.

By obtaining BSc degree in Nanotechnology, which is available only in Parishkar Autonomous College in Rajasthan, students can take high paying jobs in high level industries related to Nanotechnology. You can become an industrialist by creating new products at your own level. We can make our future bright by becoming proficient in future technology.