B.Sc. – Herbal Science

B.Sc. In Herbal Science

Herbal Science: In our country, indigenous herbs (Herbal Medicines) have been used for thousands of years. have been using. Due to the good as well as bad effects of allopathic medicines on human health, the use of indigenous medicines/Ayurvedic medicines is increasing in India. WHO says that by 2050, the trade of medicines made from herbs will be worth about Rs 400 crore, in which the role of India along with China will be very important. In future, India will become a big producer, consumer and exporter of Herbal Medicines.

Therefore, Herbal Science has a huge future in India and the world. B.Sc course in Herbal Science is available only in Parishkar College in Rajasthan. Therefore, by doing BSc- Herbal Science from Parishkar Autonomous College, you can not only get a high paying job but can also start your own business of manufacturing and distributing indigenous medicines.