B.Sc. – Green Hydrogen

B.Sc. In Green Hydrogen

Now cars, trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, factories etc. in the world will start running on Green Hydrogen instead of running on diesel, petrol, coal. Our petrol pumps will start converting into Green Hydrogen pumps in a few years. The Government of India has made a provision of expenditure of Rs 19,744 crore for the development of Green Hydrogen technology, with this amount, research, industry, production etc. related to the production, storage and distribution of Green Hydrogen will be rapidly encouraged.

Will go. 50 lakh tonnes of Green Hydrogen gas is to be produced in India by 2030. Rs 8 lakh crore will be invested in this in future and 6 lakh people will be able to get jobs in this. BSc-Green Hydrogen course is available only in Parishkar Autonomous College in Rajasthan, Government of India has also trained many of our teachers in Green Hydrogen. Students can take their future very high by doing BSc in Green Hydrogen.