B.Com. (Hons) – Bachelor of Commerce


The B.Com. (Hons) programme offered by Parishkar College is designed to enable and empower students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to analyse and synthesize the contemporary realities of the domain of business. This programme aims at instilling conceptual and practical understanding to equip students to manage businesses and organisations, and prepares them to drive and face the challenges of tomorrow. It also encourages the students to explore the world of technology and digitization in the relevant field as envisaged by the scholars and policymakers. Further, this course is designed to help cultivating entrepreneurial mindset and skills. 

 Learning Outcome-based Curriculum Framework in B.Com. (Hons) 

The programme has been designed to promote understanding of the issues in the business world and the economy as a whole. The Programme will help understand the student, understand and evaluate various systems, policy frameworks and strategies needed to administer the rapid changes in an organization’s globally oriented environment like equipping students with an understanding of the financial system, its constituents, the principles on which it operates, inter-linkages and regulatory concerns along with exposure of different functional domains of management.

What will I Study

Optional Subjects

  • The B.Com. (Hons) programme is a specialised programme designed with a distinct focus on specialisation in the field of commerce.

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The aims of the programme are:

  1. To instill in the students the knowledge and capability of understanding the business world and its complexities.
  2.  It will also develop the ability and competence to have a problem-solving approach towards the issues which accompany the dynamism attached to the business world.
  3. To inculcate attitudes and character that will help students evolve into sensitive and technically sound future business leaders rather than just managers and aims at enhancing employability options of the students.
  4. The curriculum helps instilling learnability among students for upskilling and reskilling even in later part of life.

Structure and Syllabus of B.Com. (Hons)

The B.Com.(Hons) programme is designed by the Department of Commerce, Parishkar College. The courses, semester scheme and other aspects of the programme are well defined in the syllabus of the B.Com.(Hons.) programme.

The College offers its students the choice to select from various subject options, within the scope of the B.Com.(Hons.) syllabus.

The syllabus contains the following: Course Objectives, Course wise Learning Outcomes, Course Contents, Teaching Learning Methods, Course wise Assessment Methodology

Course Syllabus – B.Com (Hons) 

Attributes of Graduates of  B.Com. (Hons)

The graduate attributes envisaged to be concomitantly developed by students of B.Com.(Hons), both during and on completion of the programme are:

Disciplinary Knowledge, Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, Cooperation/Team Work, Research Related Skills, Moral and Ethical Awareness, Lifelong Learning, Information and Digital Learning, Reflective Thinking, and Scientific Reasoning.

Qualification Descriptors for Graduates of B.Com. (Hons)

As commerce is considered as an area where students tend to study different aspects that impact the business world like social, political, legal, economic, etc., the qualification descriptors for a B.Com. (Hons) programme include the following:

  1. Demonstration of deeper understanding of business world both from theoretical and practical perspectives.
  2. Application of knowledge to comprehend the dynamism of the corporate world and its impact on the economy from various perspectives.
  3. Demonstration of comprehensive knowledge of various procedures and the procedural glitches that can affect the working of an organisation.
  4. Application of one’s disciplinary knowledge pertaining to theories and principles to find solution to problems of business world.
  5. Conversance with working on qualitative as well as quantitative data, along with working on some software in order to familiarise them with the interpretations of results and coming to sound conclusions through critical judgments.
  6. Demonstration of multidisciplinary approach towards commerce as it originates from the discipline of economics, politics, law, mathematics, etc.

Comprehensive knowledge about current topics and the scholarly research pertaining to chosen areas, also techniques and skills required to comprehend the contemporary issues.

Teaching Methods: (Pedagogy)

Parishkar College has devised a unique method of teaching-learning in the course of B.Com.(Hons). Instead of making students passive listeners by merely giving lectures in the classroom, the teachers of sophistication try to make students continuously active by adopting student-centric teaching method. Different types of activities are conducted to keep the students active in many ways:

  • Finding key words in a sentence.
  • Finding the main idea in a paragraph.
  • Motivating the students to solve objective questions from the lesson by themselves through the study sheet.
  • Getting the concepts of the lesson evaluated.
  • Encouraging students to give presentations in the class.
  • Special emphasis is laid on interactive classes, group discussions, open house discussions, debates and analytical and creative answer writing to develop analytical thinking in the students for Mains examinations and interviews for exams like IAS, RAS.
  • Online classes are additionally being made available to the students so that even if the student is not able to come to college due to corona, other illness or any other personal reason, he can watch the quality lectures prepared by the teachers of sophistication on his Android mobile sitting at home and continue his studies.
  • Checking with Study Sheets, Online Test, Mid-Term Test and Pre-University Examination, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the students, they are removed through the teaching process.
  • Thus we believe that education is effective, creative and fun filled when the processes of teaching, learning and assessment go hand in hand. Hence students are assessed informally every day and tested through OMR test every two weeks.

Where will B.Com. (Hons) Take Me

Career Job prospects after B.Com. (Hons)

B.Com. (Hons) students can be recruited by following Companies:

After doing B.Com. (Hons), endless possibilities of Career are open in front of the student like:

  • IAS, RAS (Administrative Services)
  • College Lecturer (College Lecturer)
  • School Lecturer (School Lecturer)
  • Teacher Grade-II (Teacher Grade Second)
  • Teacher Grade-III (Teacher Grade Third)
  • Bank PO, Bank Clerk (Bank Services)
  • Indian Railway
  • SSC (Income Tax Inspector, Custom Officer, Revenue Officer, CBI etc.)
  • Food Corporation of India
  • LDC
  • Police Sub-Inspector
  • Army, BSF (Defence Services)

“As a B.Com. (Hons) student, I can confidently say that this program has provided me with a strong foundation in business principles and practices. The curriculum has been comprehensive, covering a wide range of subjects including accounting, finance, economics, management, and marketing.The professors have been knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive, providing valuable insights and guidance throughout the program.

Faizan Raza - B.Com. (Hons)

B.Com. (Hons) students Can also make their careers in the following streams :

  • Parishkar College regularly organizes training and placement camps to help present and passed out students also to find suitable jobs in private sector also.
  • Thousands of students of Parishkar College are working on the post of RAS, RPS, RCS Police Sub-Inspector, College Lecturer, School Lecturer, Teacher Second Grade, Teacher Third Grade, Junior Accountant, Patwari, Clerk.
  • Many students of Parishkar College are successfully working in the corporate sector as: Bank PO, Bank Clerk, Executive Office, BPO etc.
  • Parishkar College students have a lot of potential and definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

Here are some potential career paths you can consider:

B.Com. (Hons) is a popular undergraduate degree program in commerce that focuses on specialized subjects such as accounting, taxation, finance, economics, etc. The degree equips graduates with a strong foundation in commerce and business-related subjects and opens up various career opportunities. Some of the popular career prospects after completing B.Com. (Hons) are:

1. Chartered Accountant (CA): One of the most popular career choices for B.Com. (Hons) graduates is pursuing CA. It is a professional certification that allows one to become a qualified accountant and work in various industries such as finance, accounting, taxation, audit, etc.
2. Company Secretary (CS): Another popular career option is pursuing a CS certification, which focuses on corporate laws, governance, and compliance. CS professionals assist companies in complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
3. Master of Business Administration (MBA): Many B.Com (Hons) graduates opt for an MBA degree to enhance their knowledge and skills in business management. An MBA degree opens up various job opportunities in fields such as finance, marketing, human resources, operations, etc.

4. M.Com.(Master Of Commerce) : M.Com. is a masters course in commerce. This course helps you mater the concepts you learned as a B.Com.(Hons) student and apply them in the professional world.

5. Banking and Finance: B.Com (Hons) graduates can work in the banking and finance sector as accountants, financial analysts, investment bankers, loan officers, etc.
6. Government Jobs: Graduates can also apply for government jobs in various departments such as tax, audit, revenue, banking, and finance.
7. Entrepreneurship: B.Com (Hons) graduates can also start their own businesses or work as consultants to provide financial and accounting services to various clients.

Overall, B.Com (Hons) provides a solid foundation in commerce and business-related subjects, and graduates have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from.

Most Recent Academic Results

Rank holders in University of Rajasthan exams

B.Com.-I -2021-22

S.No. ID Student Name Father Name Per. %
1 8 Kiran Mahawar Ramavtar Mahawar 73.00
2 3 Himanshu Singh Mahesh Singh 66.00
3 6 Rahul Sharma Jagdish Prasad Sharma 60.33

B.Com.-II -2021-22

S.No. ID Student Name Father Name Per. %
1 17 Padgad Manisha Hansraj Hansraj Padgad 70.17
2 21 Ravina Bairwa Bheem Singh Bairwa 67.17
3 15 Harsh Saini Mahesh Saini 67.00

B.Com.-III -2021-22

S.No. ID Student Name Father Name Per. %
1 19 Priya Sharma Shiv Kumar Sharma 77.83
2 47 Divya Dwivedi Vimlesh Chand Dwivedi 70.17
3 34 Pragati Singh Mangu Singh 61.67

Entry Requirement

Eligibility for Admission:

  • Candidate securing at least 48% marks in aggregate in the Senior Secondary Examination of the Secondary Board of Education of Rajasthan or any state or any other recognized Board.
  • Eligible candidates get direct admission to the course fulfilling the above criteria.

Process of Admission:

  • Fill up the admission form, online or offline and follow the prescribed procedure.


Program Name Percentage in 12th for Scholarship Scholarship % (Only for I & II Semester) Yearly Tuition Fee Scholarship Rs. Games & Sports Net Payment (Boys) Semester-I Admission time (Boys) Semester-II (Boys) Semester-III Semester-IV Semester-V Semester-VI Semester-VII Semester-VIII Fee for girls (20% Scholarship on tuition fee) for four year
BCom/Hons./Research (3/4 year) (International Accounting & Finance, Accounting & Taxation, Banking & Insurance, Financial Market and Digital Business) Up to 60% 0% 30000 200 30200 15200 15000 15200 15000 15200 15000 15200 15000 Rs. 12,200/- (Sem-I) Rs. 12,000/- (Sem-II)
60 %-69.99% 5% 30000 1500 200 28700 14500 14200
70%-79.99% 10% 30000 3000 200 27200 13700 13500
80% – 89.99% 15% 30000 4500 200 25700 13000 12700
90% and above 20% 30000 6000 200 24200 12200 12000
  • If a cheque is dishonored for any reason, a fine of Rs. 250/- is to be paid.
  • For Commerce students, in addition to the admission fee, the following items will be charged:
    • One pair of jeans @ 1000/-
    • One T-shirt @ 500/-
    • One shirt piece @ 500/-
    • One jacket @ Rs. 1,100/-
Skilled & Qualified