BA (Hons) – Bachelor of Arts


BA (Hons) is a four year degree programme as per UGC guidelines which is divided into eight Semesters. BA (Hons) course is suited for the candidates who are looking for specialization in a particular subject in their graduation. The BA (Hons) course involves a lot of practical experience as well as interdisciplinary theoretical practice. Students are exposed to a vast range of subjects and research in the fields of their choice. 

BA (Hons) is available in subject of: Geography, Political Science, History, Economics, English and Hindi.

What will I Study

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Teaching Methods: (Pedagogy)

Parishkar College has devised a unique method of teaching-learning in the course of BA (Hons) Instead of making students passive listeners by merely giving lectures in the classroom, the teachers of sophistication try to make students continuously active by adopting student-centric teaching method. Different types of activities are conducted to keep the students active in many ways:

  • Finding key words in a sentence.
  • Finding the main idea in a paragraph.
  • Motivating the students to solve objective questions from the lesson by themselves through the study sheet.
  • Getting the concepts of the lesson evaluated.
  • Encouraging students to give presentations in the class.
  • Special emphasis is laid on interactive classes, group discussions, open house discussions, debates and analytical and creative answer writing to develop analytical thinking in the students for Mains examinations and interviews for exams like IAS, RAS.
  • Online classes are additionally being made available to the students so that even if the student is not able to come to college due to corona, other illness or any other personal reason, he can watch the quality lectures prepared by the teachers of sophistication on his Android mobile sitting at home and continue his studies.
  • Checking with Study Sheets, Online Test, Mid-Term Test and Pre-University Examination, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the students, they are removed through the teaching process.
  • Thus we believe that education is effective, creative and fun filled when the processes of teaching, learning and assessment go hand in hand. Hence students are assessed informally every day and tested through OMR test every two weeks.

Where will BA (Hons) Take Me

Career Job prospects after BA (Hons)

BA (Hons) students can be recruited by following Companies:

After doing BA (Hons) endless possibilities of Career are open in front of the students like:

  • IAS, RAS (Administrative Services)
  • College Lecturer (College Lecturer)
  • School Lecturer (School Lecturer)
  • Teacher Grade-II (Teacher Grade Second)
  • Teacher Grade-III (Teacher Grade Third)
  • Bank PO, Bank Clerk (Bank Services)
  • Indian Railway
  • SSC (Income Tax Inspector, Custom Officer, Revenue Officer, CBI etc.)
  • Food Corporation of India
  • LDC
  • Police Sub-Inspector
  • Army, BSF (Defence Services)

“Bachelor of Arts (Hons) program in Parishkar College is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the chosen field of study. This program focuses on developing research, analytical, and critical thinking skills to enable students to engage with complex ideas and produce high-quality work. It enabled the students in Parishkar to develop expertise in specific areas. “

BA  (Hons) students have not only passed with excellent marks at the academic level but have also been successful in various Competitive Exams.

  • Parishkar College regularly organizes training and placement camps to help present and passed out students also to find suitable jobs in private sector also.
  • Thousands of students of Parishkar College are working on the post of RAS, RPS, RCS Police Sub-Inspector, College Lecturer, School Lecturer, Teacher Second Grade, Teacher Third Grade, Junior Accountant, Patwari, Clerk.
  • Many students of Parishkar College are successfully working in the corporate sector as: Bank PO, Bank Clerk, Executive Officer, Manager in BPO sector etc.
  • Parishkar College students have a lot of potential and definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

Educational prospects after BA(Hons)

Following are the opportunities available to the students in the following major academic programs after completing BA course

MA (Master of Arts)

MA in Arts is the most suitable option for graduate students, which further opens the way to become lecturer at school and college level, to do research work in various research institutes.

If the student wants to take admission in M A, then minimum 48% at BA level is mandatory.

B.Ed./Bachelor of Education

B.Ed. degree is the most suitable option for those students who want to pursue a career as a school teacher after BA(Hons). B.Ed. course is of two years duration. There is demand in good number for Arts teachers in government and private sector schools also.

Some common career paths for BA (Hons) graduates include:
1. Education: BA (Hons) graduates may pursue a career in teaching, either at the primary, secondary, or post-secondary level. Some may also go on to pursue advanced degrees in education or related fields.
2. Communication and Media: Graduates with a BA (Hons) in communication or media studies may pursue careers in journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising, or broadcasting.
3. Business: Graduates with a BA (Hons) in business may find employment in management, marketing, sales, or finance.
4. Government and Public Service: Graduates with a BA (Hons) in political science, public administration, or other related fields may work in government agencies, non-profits, or advocacy organizations.
5. Arts and Culture: BA (Hons) graduates in fields such as art history, music, or theatre may work in museums, galleries, or other cultural institutions.

In addition to these fields, many BA (Hons) graduates may also pursue careers in fields such as law, social work, or counseling. The key to success in any field is to build upon the skills and experiences gained during the program, network with professionals in the industry, and continue to develop one’s knowledge and expertise.

Entry Requirement


Minimum 45% marks in 10+2 exam [Rajasthan Board/Other State Board/CBSE/ICSE] is required for admission.

Admission Process

Merit based admission is done on the basis of marks in 10+2 examination. College takes limited number of students, so timely and earlier effort is necessary for admission in Parishkar College.


Program Name Percentage in 12th for scholarship Scholarship % (Only for I & II Semester) Yearly Tuition Fee Scholarship Rs. Games & Sports Net Payment (Boys) Semester-I Admission time (Boys) Semester-II (Boys) Semester-III Semester-IV Semester-V Semester-VI Semester-VII Semester-VIII Fee for girls (20% Scholarship on tuition fee) for four year
BA/Hons./Research (3/4 year) (Hospitality & Tourism, Sports Management, Psychology, Geography, Political Science, History, Economics, English Literature, Hindi Literature, Mathematics, Physical Education, Music) Up to 60% 0% 30000 200 30200 15200 15000 15200 15000 15200 15000 15200 15000 Rs. 12,200/- (Sem-I) Rs. 12,000/- (Sem-II)
60 %-69.99% 5% 30000 1500 200 28700 14500 14200
70%-79.99% 10% 30000 3000 200 27200 13700 13500
80% – 89.99% 15% 30000 4500 200 25700 13000 12700
90% and above 20% 30000 6000 200 24200 12200 12000
  • The practical fee for Geography, Music, and Drama for B.A.-I, II & III will be charged at Rs. 500/- per semester additionally at the time of admission.
  • If a cheque is dishonored for any reason, a fine of Rs. 250/- is to be paid.
  • In addition, at the time of admission, the following charges will be applied for the uniform:
    • One pair of jeans at Rs. 1000/-
    • One T-shirt at Rs. 500/-
    • One shirt piece at Rs. 500/-
    • One jacket at Rs. 1,100/-
  • The examination fee for each semester will be charged separately and notified at a later date.
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