The autonomous colleges are the institutions of higher education that have been granted greater academic and administrative freedom by the government or regulatory bodies. In an autonomous college, the faculty and staff are given the authority to design and implement their own academic programs, develop their own curriculum, conduct examinations and assessments, and manage their own finances.
Parishkar College of Global Excellence was awarded the status of Autonomous in June 2022 directly by University Grant Commission (UGC). This made us the First College in Rajasthan to receive such a status directly by UGC. Parishkar College of Global Excellence was also assessed ‘A’ Grade by NAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council— UGC, Govt. of India). We hold the highest score among 2440 private colleges of Rajasthan.

Parishkar College of Global Excellence (Autonomous) maintain high academic standards and produce quality research outputs. We collaborate with industry and renowned Indian and international academic institutions to develop innovative teaching and learning methods.
The main advantage of the autonomous system is that it allows institute to be more responsive to the needs of their students and the industry. It also fosters a culture of innovation, where faculty and staff are empowered to experiment with new teaching and research methodologies, and to continuously improve their programs.