Affectionate Relation

Keeping in mind the fact that not all of us have had a complete emotional development in our families, schools, colleges and our society; Whereas the development of our emotional personality is very essential to make a successful society and this aspect has been largely ignored till now even at the global level; We at Parishkar College have paid special attention to this aspect, especially after COVID-19.

This experience has also come out in the annual feedback and planning meeting of management and teachers. Therefore, it was unanimously decided that efforts will be made to strengthen the emotional personality of each student and each teacher through them.

  • Parishkar College has stepped forward to forge ahead in the difficult and challenging field of emotional personality building. We know that it is a tough challenge to win trust to deal emotionally with students on the cusp of adolescence, however it is clear that Parishkar College is creating emotionally strong teachers and students.
  • The emotional bond is getting stronger day by day among the teachers, and also with the management and like a family all the people of Parishkar College – students, teachers, staff and management are connected with each other with a bond of affection. They share each other’s happiness and sorrow.
  • To convert the challenges of their studies into achievements, the students themselves should prepare a strategy.
  • Students should identify their own weaknesses such as fear, hesitation, lack of confidence, neglect of goals etc. as well as know the process of development of society and self.
  • Students improve their self-image learn to recognize their abilities and develop their self-confidence as much as they can.
  • To train the students, special training programs are organized along with the regular academic activities and these training programs are student-centred, activity-based, interactive, participatory, assessment-centred, analytical and creative.