Life @ Parishkar

Full of Academic Innovations. Quizzes, Group Discussions, Open House Discussions on National and International (fundamental and current) issues. Games & sports, Subject Council Activities, Essay & Blog writings; Club activities like : mountaineering, photography, painting, theatre, dance, music, debate, English-Hindi creative writing, wall magazine writing, paper presentations, junior class teaching by senior students, excursions, academic tours, project making, conducting small research projects etc frequently prevails in PCGE. All the time revaluating and inventing oneself & creating something new. PCGE campus culminates homogenous working environment. Everyone here is in a dynamic & positive direction & everyone is in a learning mode. All the time celebrating own innovations or others. PCGE is a debating campus, an environment of challenging, discussing, arguing, appreciating, co-operating and synthesizing. This campus is busy in testing, correcting, introspecting, evaluating; searching, re-searching, creating, helping and contributing to each other. Thus PCGE has an environment of thinking and idea- construction.