Teacher’s Quality

Teacher Quality

  • Affectionate, friendly relation with the students, so students can interact with the teacher and other students without any hesitation.
  • PCGE teachers are pro-active, enthusiastic to learn, eager to perform, dedicated to impart, anxious to revive, motivated to enjoy the Karma & Dharma of education.
  • They are pre-dominantly learners & consequentially creative teachers.
  • Capable in assessing the learning creativity of students & leading them for merits in University Exams.
  • Every teacher is engaged in some sort of research project, motivates the students also in research activities, even at the graduate level.

Workshops and Seminars attended by PCGE teachers

  • Workshops on Research Methodology.
  • Workshops on Mini Research Projects.
  • Workshops on Personality Development Techniques.
  • Workshops on Interview Techniques.
  • Workshops on Keywords, Key concepts.
  • Workshops on worksheets.
  • Workshops on Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Workshops on Short Answer and Long Answer writing.
  • Workshops on Creative Answer Writing.
  • Workshops on English Spoken Practices.
  • Workshops on student-centered teaching-learning practices.
  • Workshops on Bloom’s Taxonomy, Piaget and Bruner’s Educational Methodologies to strengthen the comprehension ability and analytical power of the students.

Teacher Training in PCGE

  • In PCGE teachers are trained to evolve critical thinking so that they can evolve this process in the students as well.
  • Trained to enhance the knowledge of the subject and to keep them abreast of the latest developments continuously through the library, IT facilities and consultation with other experts.
  • Trained in technology to train the students.
  • Trained for conducting classes in a participatory manner, conducting group work in the class, organizing group discussions, quizzes, role plays, debates, getting the students to flow charts, diagrams, graphs, PPT’s etc.
  • Trained for evaluation, writing comments on the students’ answer books, analyzing good and poor answers in the class, preparing model answers for the students.
  • Teachers are prepared to participate himself/herself, and to invite participation of the students in co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes, mentoring techniques and industry and field visits etc.
  • They are motivated for research work and to make them competent in inculcating the attitude of search and research process, they are provided talks on research methodology by various experts.
  • Teachers are oriented to refresh and expand the family values among the teachers and unite them with PCGE family so that every individual and PCGE as a whole can enrich each other, initially with the best values of life and the values of education, consequently.
  • Teachers are trained for better communication & leadership