Student’s Support

Student Support

PCGE has a vision to help the students cognitively, emotionally and even economically. The college has good and sustainable practices which effectively support the students and facilitate optimal progression.

PCGE has majority of the students from middle and lower middle class families. To support such students, the college provides them upto 20% rebate in fees according to their past results. In BA Students who secure 70% to 80% marks are provided 10% rebate, those who secure 80% and above are provided 20% rebate in fee. All girl students of BA & B.Com are given 25% rebate in their tuition fees. The economically weaker sections are also helped by giving rebate in tuition fee or providing a facility of depositing the fee in easy installments.

Feedback system

  • Parishkar is very professional in executing feedback system just to be in a mode of excelling all the time.
  • Written feedback is obtained from the students quarterly on the performance of every teacher including competition classes, feedback about infrastructure (drinking water, air-cooling, library, games & sports activities, residential problems, learning environment).
  • Suggestion boxes (Sujhav Petika) are available at every floor, library and in Amphitheatre. Students can put their suggestions and complaints, if any and can get the problems solved.
  • Weekly departmental meetings of the teachers and monthly faculty meetings cum workshops serve as a platform for feedback also.
  • Feedback is a strong source of assessment by the other stake holders and shows the ways for continuous reforms.

PCGE has a regular, fair and strong feedback mechanism.

  • A periodic feedback in the month of August, October, December is taken from all the students of the college, every year.
  • The feedback is taken from the students about their overall performance (Teaching-learning in degree subjects, competition subjects and other facilities like: library, drinking water, teachers’ behaviour etc.) in the college which is indicative to the students satisfaction also.
  • The students are asked not to write their names on the feedback Performa so that they can write their observations fearlessly and freely.
  • The feedback is analyzed by the feedback committee and appropriate actions are taken by both the teachers and management in the interest of the students, teachers and the institution as a whole
  • The feedback process has been proved positive and beneficial for the institute as a whole in improving teaching-learning process, making students positive towards learning, imparting quality education and improving the physical facilities.

Problem Solving Round Table Station

  • Generally students face many individual problems which cannot be solved in the classes. So PCGE has provided a space in the lobby of the college where round tables with chairs are provided to the students to get their academic or personal problems solved.
  • In the lobby, outside the faculty room where students can request to the concerned faculty to solve their problems at these stations. The teachers during their vacant time are surrounded by students to discuss & solve their problems.
  • This practice creates a special bonding between the teacher and students, removing their hesitation. Discussion in a smaller group also boosts their learning & research attitude.

Slow learner support

Low scoring students are given extra attention throughout the session. The OMR tests give an objective data every fortnightly and help us preparing the strategy to help the weak students.

  • Slow learners are given more time for assignments to increase confidence. It reduces the frustration and lack of focus among the slow learners.
  • PCGE has a special drive to strengthen the comprehension power of the students. Slow learners sections are given more time to improve the reading and analyzing capability.
  • Slow learners are provided step by step instructions. Information is repeated whenever necessary. They are encouraged to solve model tasks.
  • A slow learner who painstakingly masters a difficult skill is appreciated.
  • PCGE provides Risers awardto motivate the slow learners.
  • Slow learners are associated with the advanced learners as an aide in projects.
  • Exercises and activities based on team work and groups are promoted in order to meet the needs of every one.
  • PCGE grabs every chance to let these students shine in class and they are praised at every opportunity.