Research Practices

Research Activities

Impact of the research activities (शोध गतिविधियों का प्रभाव)

  • Proper guidance is being given to the teachers and the students even for their small research practices to orient their attitude towards research, to help them, to formulate hypothesis, to prepare questionnaires, to conduct interviews, to collect the data, to analyze the data, to draw conclusions and to write a report in a proper order with explicitness, in a descriptive, analytical and scientific language.
  • The teachers are oriented with research methodologies by many experts, and through model research papers. Many teachers of PCGE are busy in Ph.D. work with different universities.
  • Some of the teachers are engaged in research work on significant topics related to their teaching practices. This is an innovative step put forward by this college to revolutionize the teaching methods through working on small research practices.
  • Day by day classroom practices and learning achievements of the students are encouraged, which is the dire need of the country’s higher education today.
  • PCGE is engaged in the development of the research skills of the faculty in terms of taking up projects, applying experimental teaching and learning processes combined with research aptitude and working on small research projects with more interest and involvement to encourage the students.
  • The college ascertains that the research facilities provided in terms of the library, laboratories and equipment are used to the fullest by the students and the faculty. It is observed that a research attitude has been developed over all and inclination towards taking up research practices is increasing gradually, and more and more research work is to be materialized.

Research Awards

Research Awards

  • PCGE has instituted several research awards for the research performances undertaken. The college has distributed research certificates to 80 students for their research studies in 2014-15 and 583 certificates in 2015-16. Consequently, a number of students are coming up with a great enthusiasm to do such kind of research studies.
  • The Research Committee has taken a decision to honor the faculty with the ‘Shodh Sammaan’ (शोध सम्मान) including a cash prize of Rs. 5,000 by PCGE for completing a minor project as well as with the ‘Shodh Varidhdi’ (शोध वारिधि) for completing a major research project including a cash prize of Rs. 10,000.

Research Culture

Research Culture (शोध वातावरण)

We have a research committee that works in a well defined policy to evolve research culture. Here, we:

  • Develop research attitude in the students by searching key words in a sentence, key idea in a paragraph, key concept in a chapter, co-relate the concepts of the book to the life realities and finally construct new concepts out of the life-realities.
  • Encourage students to undertake surveys and fieldworks under the supervision of the faculty of the college.
  • Assign research projects to the students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Organize exhibitions on the research works completed by the teachers.
  • Conduct sessions to share the experiences of field surveys and reports.
  • Invite eminent professors to deliver lectures on research methodology and research aptitude to train the teachers and students of the college for research projects.
  • Organize national/international seminars and conferences to promote the students to present research papers extensively.

Research Journal

Parimarsh (Research Journal) (परिमर्श-शोध पत्रिका)

Parimarsh is dedicated to inter-disciplinary research papers, primarily for the college teachers and students. It is aimed at to publish and promote small research activities also conducted by the Under Graduate and Post Graduate students of the college, besides regular publication of research papers of outsider researchers. It publishes the reports of the seminars also. We have made Parimarsh as refereed Journal since its October 2016 edition.

 Seminar International

International/National Research Seminars

We have organized two International seminars and two National seminars which were interdisciplinary in nature.

list of International/National Seminars (attatch PDF)

Social Activities

Social Awareness activities

  • The students of PCGE organized two rallies during the Anna Hazaremovement against corruption and for Lok Pal responding to the social cause.
  • The value based education system in PCGE makes the students compassionate to others. As a result, the students save the life of many birds which get wounded by kites and strings on Makar Sankrantifestival as it is a Kite flying festival and hundreds of birds get hurt on this festival.
  • The students visited the streets of Mansarovar and organized a sanitation drive under Swach Bharat Abhiyanon 2nd October, 2016.
  • PCGE organized a workshop on Gender Issueand an essay writing competition on Bhroon Hatya in association with an NGO- SURE and Beti Bachao with Rajasthan University Women Association.
  • The students prepared placards and organized a rally when the Nirbhayamovement was going on in Delhi.
  • The Department of Youth Affairs and Sportsof the Government of Rajasthan invited PCGE and 2460 PCGE students and they presented a dance drama ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ in presence of 40,000 youth from all over Rajasthan, creating a world record of non-Bollywood Choreography and giving a massage of patriotism. It was an outstanding extension activity performed by PCGE.
  • PCGE students present a play Aazadi every yearmaking and repeating a world record of 600 to 800 casts on a single stage. It is based on the 90 years of our freedom struggle between 1857 to 1947. The Vice-Chancellors, MP, Deans of the faculties, eminent professors and HOD’s of the University of Rajasthan and other colleges, teachers and students from various colleges, and parents watch this great show every year. Newspapers, TV channels record this event extensively.
  • The college has organized a state level debate competitionof more than 40 colleges on very sensitive issues of the society.
  • PCGE students were sensitized to help the Kashmiri peoplewhen there was flood devastation in Kashmir and the students and faculty collected  13,635 and sent to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. It was spontaneous and appreciable activity of PCGE students.

Impact of Social responsibilities

PCGE, adhering to the social responsibilities and its conscious efforts have developed the feel of social responsibility in the students and teachers. Its impact has been so positive that a self disciplined atmosphere is prevailing in the college. A co-operative and appreciative culture can be observed in the college.

PCGE Students: Agents of social change

PCGE’s moral Code of Ethics for higher education has been generated with a purpose of transforming the student into agents of social change. Not only the university syllabus but also the Competition Programme the Competitor and the Personality Development Programme, NSS, NCC & Rover Rangers all are preparing the students to come out of their personal shell and serve the society with a real motive of life. This is a sustainable relationship of the individual with the society.

  • PCGE organized a workshop on Nautankimusical drama in collaboration with National school of Drama and presented the Nautanki “Shriman Dhokha Urf Sattadhari” on the Ravindra Manch,the famous theatre hall of Jaipur.
  • PCGE has been organizing a Blood Donation campand almost 220 unit’s blood is donated in collaboration with the Rotary Club, Jaipur. PCGE has been organizing the Blood Donation camp for last five years.
  • With Red Clip organization PCGE has been participating in awareness activities like debates, discussions, poster making, painting etc. regarding HIV AIDS. PCGE students have been awarded I prize in debate and III place in painting competition. In addition to this one of the PCGE students achieved the third place in December 2014 on the World Aids Day competition organized by the Department of Medical and Health, the Government of Rajasthan.
  • PCGE organized debates and essay competitions with Transparency International, Rajasthan Chapter. Shri I.C Shrivastava, Former Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Rajasthan, the chairperson of the above organization addressed the students and the teachers regarding the eradication of corruption.
  • The students of PCGE participated in the Traffic Control activities in a collaboration activity with Metro Mass Hospital and Traffic Control Board, Jaipur.
  • PCGE students participated on Matadhikar Diwas at the Birla Auditorium, Jaipur on the invitation of the Govt. of Rajasthan.
  • The students of NSS saved the lives of many birds on Makar Sankranti, the kite festival in association with an NGO Help in suffering working in the field of saving life of birds.