Research Overview

Code of ethics for research

The research committee has made provisions for the Code of Ethics officially that are as follows:

  • The research should be useful to the society
  • The research work done by the students of the college under the supervision should be original in framing hypothesis with collection, analysis and inclusion of data.
  • Data should be from primary sources preferably. If it is taken from secondary sources, it should be authentic and acquired from the agencies of high reputation.
  • Data collected at the personal level should be verifiable at any time.
  • The report should be written originally by the researcher himself/herself.
  • The researcher should follow the high standards of research methodology.
  • Strong efforts should be made in such a way that the gist of the report is published in a national/ international journal.
  • If any student or teacher does not follow this Code of Conduct, he/she can be debarred from the research work by the decision of a sub-committee consisted of at least three subject experts and the college faculty. This sub-committee is constituted by the Research Committee.