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Parishkar College of Global Excellence has organized 3 day inter college fest “Ninaad-2022” from 16th Feb to 18th Feb. There was 16 different activities held in 3 days. 29 different college of jaipur has participate in the event with total 645 students.

Food were arranged by the college students by putting 6 stalls. All the participants were extraordinary skilled. One could actually the future leaders in the contestants. Judges of all the activities was called from outside who are master in their particular field. The decision of the judges were final. All the participants were students with equal calibre and potential but in the end, some stood out shining brighter than the other and those students were given I, ii and III prize.

Venue- PCGE, Jaipur

Date: 16 to 18 Feb.


Rasrang 2022

Parishkar College of Global Excellence has organized an event-Rasrang (Colors of life).

Many different programs were included in this event. It was sports, educational and culture programs. On this occasion director.  Dr. Raghav Prakash, Academic Director. Dr. A.K. Chaturvedi, Principle,  Dr. Savita Paiwal was  present.

In this event students made the moment of their life memorable by participating in games, singing, dancing and more other activities.

Venue- PCGE, Jaipur

Date: 16 to 22 Jan

International Webinar

Seminar Topic :-International Webinar on Multidisciplinary earth system science and the Global Carbon cycle.

Department of life science & department of Geography in association with internal quality assurance cell (IQAC) Parishkar College of Global Excellence Jaipur was organized an online international webinar on 22th March, 2022. The keynote speaker was prot. Forrest M. Hoffman (University of California) take out time from his busy schedule to grace the event.

In this event director Dr. Raghav Prakash, Academic.

Director- Dr Alok Kumar Chaturvedi Principle, Dr, Savita Paiwal, Vice Principle and program coordinator. Dr. Vishnu Prashad Sharma and Dr. Sumit Kumar Gupta dean faculty of science were presented.

Date- 22th March, 2022

Time- 9.00 AM to 10.00 AM

Venue- Seminar hall, PCGE.



Seminar Topic :- Identification of Abusive Relationship and Prevention of Domestic Violence.

The national seminar began with the lamp lightening ceremony of Goddess Saraswati followed by national an them of Parishkar College.

Our honorable Chief guest Rehana Riyaz Clusti was welcomed by Dr. Savita Paiwal (Principal, Parishkar College of Global Excellence, Jaipur) by presenting similar green welcome was received by Dr. Krishna Sharma (Additional Commissiones, Women & Child Development)

The anchor then called upon Dr. Neeta Sharma (convener of the National Seminar) to introduce everybody with the central them of the seminar. Therein, she highlighted the purpose of organizing the seminar with focus on the little of it. The central idea of reaping the theme litted

Was day by day, the rising issues of domestic violence reported in the country.

She highlighted the loopholes found in constitutional definition of Domestic Violence which focuses on mean production of dacts and outlook the moral aspect of it there is a need to engage the youth to sensitize them towards such topic. She mentioned that the students of Parishkar College explored  the ground reality gathered from field survey. and presented them in this papers.

She raised the fact that in today’s lives, the role of ADJUSTMENT and VALUES our more important in any relationship.

Venue- Seminar hall, PCGE.

Date – 9 Mar 2022