Master of Commerce

One of the most important benefits of postgraduate study from Parishkar College of Global Excellence is to enhance possibilities of selection in Competitions. The post graduate of Parishkar is completely benefited with personality development programme. Through completing the qualification, Parishkar PG students learn skills of discipline and time management alongside academic analysis and writing skills, which further enhance their skills and knowledge in the chosen field. The USP of Parishkar PG students is their maximum participation in research activities and selections in various competitions and placements.

Benefits of Postgraduate Study in Parishkar-


  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Data analysis
  • Organisation
  • Problem solving
  • Project management
  • Research
  • Time management


The college offers the following university courses/ programmes keeping in view the needs of the current competitive era: Postgraduate Degree Programmes:  M.Com.

The following choices are made available to the students at the Post Graduate Level. (as per the university norms)


  • ABST
  • EAFM
  • BAdmn (Business Administration)


Criteria and Process of Admission

The minimum percentage of marks for admission at entry level for all the programmes is prescribed by the University of Rajasthan and all the admissions are followed strictly according to the first come first served as we have limited seats in PG. A student must have minimum 48% in graduation for the admission.