Worksheet method is a vital part of PCGE’s Pedagogy. Although maximum efforts are put in by the faculties but our faculties have observed that the lecture system gives least achievement. Hence, worksheet method aims at making teaching-learning process simplest, interesting, interactive, and inclusive of all the students. BCom faculty of PCGE introduced this method in the practice for the first time in 2014-15 and produced tremendous results in University Exams. Later, it was adopted in all the streams.


Reinforced by this experiment, PCGE has adopted an innovative method of teaching-learning through worksheets in all the streams to increase comprehension capability, reinforce concepts, enhance communications, organize materials, monitor student’s behaviour and share information with substitutes.

It is being executed with proper strategy, in well planned way, in all the courses with more details. For this the faculties are trained in several workshops based on worksheets with a participation of the experiences of the faculty, during the vacation time, and such sharing is continued during the whole session. 
Worksheets in PCGE have become effectual tool in ongoing efforts encouraging all the students to engage their brains, first at home and then during classroom activities, solving complexities as far as possible by the students themselves.

After a good exercise of teacher made worksheets with students, students toil with the text and themselves start preparing worksheets.