Bachelor of Science

All the science subjects in PCGE are taught at an excellent level by the dedicated & competent teachers using the facilities of magnificent labs, arranging regular practicals PCGE’s student-centric teaching-learning methodology (identifying keywords, key concepts, worksheets, group discussions, students’ presentations), fortnightly tests and very open, transparent and interactive class room environment is the basic strength of the BSc Course. Excellent marks in University exams are the marvellous achievements of the students.

In PCGE, BSc course is a stream of opportunities that offers great possibilities of employment including additional classes for competitive exams.

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Teaching Methods


  • Searching keywords in a sentence.
  • Identifying Key concept in paragraph.
  • Asking the students to solve the objective type questions themselves from a chapter.
  • Analyzing the concepts of the chapter.
  • Inspiring the students to give presentations.
  • Assessing daily in an informal way and fortnightly in a form of OMR test.


In addition to this, we also work to develop analytical thinking among students (for the competitions like IAS & RAS). For this we teach our students through interactive classes, group discussions, open house discussions, debates and creative answer writing practices.



  • B.Sc. students are exposed to the competitive examinations like: IAS, RAS, NDA, CDS, SSC, Police Sub-Inspector, Bank PO & Clerk, Railways, Corporate sector exams also. They are provided with two-hour daily classes for competition subjects: Maths, Reasoning, English & GK.
  • PCGE students get these competition classes for 5 months (from July to Nov.) for all the three years.
  • They can attend competition summer classes also (from 3rd week of May to first week of July every year). Thus total 19.5 months competition classes are provided to a BSc student in three years. As a result the BSc students of PCGE become much stronger than any other coaching institute student. Consequently BSc students for various posts in different govt. & private sectors.


Career for BSc students


  • Bank PO
  • Bank Clerk
  • Railways
  • SSC (Income Tax Inspector, Custom Officer, Excise Officer, CBI etc.)
  • FCI
  • LDC
  • NDA, CDS
  • Police Sub-Inspector



BSc course at PCGE also provides research practices which include better opportunities to initiate the research project work at graduation level. This develops the research attitude in the students and they venture into unfamiliar areas of education.

Top Academic Programmes after BSc.

M.Sc. / Master of Science

M.Sc. is the most obvious and logical choice for BSc graduates when it comes to higher studies. Master degree in a specialized subject can open a lot of doors for doctorate, research and excellent employment opportunities for the students.

MBA / Master of Business Administration

This is one of the most seeking career choice for science graduates also. Many institutes have started offering MBA degrees with specialization in scientific domains like hospital management, laboratory management and IT management that are ideal for BSc graduates. PCGE prepares students for CAT (entrance test for MBA) also by providing competition.

MCA / Master of Computer Application

With the IT boom dominating Indian economy, computer applications and IT industry has emerged as one of the most lucrative career options available to BSc degree holders. For students who want to pursue their higher studies in this domain, MCA is an ideal academic programme.

Technical short-term courses

BSc graduates who are looking for a skill based educational opportunity can take up short-term courses like SAP, JAVA, SQL, .NET Financial accounting, PGDM and others. These courses will help them develop necessary skills set required to take up technical job profiles with ease.

B.Ed. / Bachelor of Education

For BSc graduates, who have the potential of being teachers, B.Ed. degree would be an excellent choice for further studies. B.Ed. degree coaches the students into different and unique pedagogy techniques that aid them in improving their teaching skills even further. There is a vast demand of good science teachers in govt. & non-govt. schools.